I’ve been seeing so many inspiring and envy worthy stories about quitting the 9-5 job to travel. Like most of you reading this, it is also a dream of mine to just leave all of the hustle and bustle behind and create new memories with people and places that I have only dreamed about. But, what can you do when quitting is just not an option? Here are four tips to lessen your travel blues and how you can travel more often.

1)Make the most of your weekends.

I know you get tired after a long week, I do too. But you know what perks me up after a long humdrum work week? A weekend trip! Whether it’s a road trip to a different city, or a train ride to a new and quirky town, I always find the time to go. For more inspiration check out my Weekender posts coming soon!

2) Explore your city.

I am so busy looking for new and exciting places to visit around the world that I often overlook the places that are in my own town! Living in New York City, it is easy to get world class meals, the best entertainment and meet so many different types of people. You don’t live in New York City you say? Well, check out your own town! Whether big or small, you will always find something new that you have never seen or done before. When you do, make sure to comment and share down bellow! I want to see it too.

3) Take shorter trips more often.

Instead of waiting for those 2-3 week vacations, why not do a long weekend? Find a cheap and short flight where you can enjoy 2-3 full days in the area. Often times, just being out of your regular routine can really help you stick it out for a few more months until you can finally take the longer trips and adventures.

Check out Skyscanner and Airfare Watchdog to find the best deals. Make sure to shop around and check often. You never know when the best deals may come!

4) Meet other travelers in your area (or from afar).

One of the biggest reasons why I travel is the people I get to meet who have similar interests and values. It can be really tough to explain to your non-nomad friends why you would rather spend your money trekking in the Himalayan mountains instead of saving to get the latest fashion trends.

Meeting like-minded a.k.a “kindred spirits” will help boost your moral and you may even find your perfect travel mate! The best places I have found travel pals (aside from the actual trip) is on  Instagram. We’ve created a community where we support one another and discuss issues that we care about with a unique understanding of our circumstances. Because honestly, it takes another nomad to truly understand another. Am I right? There are also many meetup groups and FB groups such as Girls Love Travel who will not only inspire you to travel  but also help you create friendships along the way.

Got more tips on how to fight your travel blues? Share and comment down below!



  1. Thanks Debbie! There’s also a SoCal group called Babes Who Ramble on FB 🙂

    • Offbeat Trekker Reply

      OooO! I have to check out that group! Thanks for the tip Kelly!

  2. Some great tips here! I too struggle with the 9-5 grind while wishing I could simply take off and travel my life away. Until we all get there (which, fingers crossed, someday we will!) these are all great ideas for taking the edge off 🙂

    • Offbeat Trekker Reply

      Absolutely! Me too Sierra. It’s definitely great to find the things that you love about what you are currently doing otherwise it will drive you nuts!

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