Life in Color: My Story


Hi! My name is Debbie and I am the Offbeat Trekker. I have contracted the Travel Bug since the age of 16. The symptoms include, restlessness and the need to go off into the next destination right when you arrive home from your recent trip, or better yet during your actual trip. The Travel Bug is an unexplainable need to be off somewhere new, eat something different and meet someone who may not completely understand what you are saying but completely understands you. It is the need to be out of your comfort zone and to of course get the best pictures to post on your social media accounts (let’s be honest here).

I’ve always had a nomadic spirit (It has been handed down to me by my dad – he, having worked as a merchant marine traveled the globe a few times over.) The restlessness has been calling me for several years and I have been having breakdowns every 4 months (seriously it is like clock work. I break down every 4 months when I am in one place for too long, its like being trapped in a cage – does anyone feel like that too?).

I Feel like my life is all in gray. There are no black and white, no Color, just gray and bland.

In a conversation with my partner Aaron, I suddenly uttered the words “I feel like my life is all in gray. There are no black and white, no color, just gray and bland. Everything is comfortable. Nothing too bad and nothing too great.” After saying these words, I knew that if I did not do something about it, I would wake up years later wondering how I got there. Some of you may say, shut the hell up b*itch. That is a damn beautiful life to live. Having comfort is what most people want, and you are complaining that you have it!

Yes, sadly you are correct. I am putting my hands up and admitting to this. But I have also seen how my family – immigrants from a third world country fought for what they had and succeeded like bosses in life despite of all the obstacles thrown their way. I really wanted that same need to succeed in something I wanted so passionately that nothing can stand in my way.

Coney Island, NY. Born with Coconut Trees, grew up with a “Palm Tree”.

The biggest problem is… what is it that I am passionate about? What do I want in my life that I am willing to fight tooth and nail for regardless of the outcome? With so many options given to us, it has become harder and harder to figure out what we want with our lives that can make us happy (yes, first world problems).

Then I asked myself, what is it that I value the most? The short answer is… time, freedom and personal success.

So I asked myself. Is it a house? A well paying job? Is it marriage? Is it clothes, jewelry … what? What the hell do I want? What is going to make me happy? And although the above listed may sound great… none of it is what I really want. Then I asked my self a different question, what is it that I value the most? And the short answer is… time, freedom and personal success. Time to be with the people I love, freedom to do whatever I wanted and to create personal success that came from my passion – offbeat destinations and photography.

Offbeat Trekker – a story of Offbeat Travels and the pursuit of a Colorful Life.

Offbeat Trekker is not only a travel blog but also a look into my personal journey to pursue the things that I value the most… time, freedom and personal success. I will share with you the ups and downs of my pursuit of happiness, travel tricks from yours truly as well as tips from Traveling Entrepreneurs  that you won’t want to miss. Welcome to Offbeat Trekker – a story of Offbeat travels,  the pursuit of a Colorful life and how I Live My Adventure.